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The Zero at the Stop of Feel

sweat skin2 flip tint ort lomo twk tilt warm sat 60s


She carried the night on her skin
sweat beaded and strung

Van Gogh stars resolved into Mandelbrot sets
on the swerve of her hip

the gravity of her dark matter lensing
the must of antique light

across eons the ache
of that curve

printed in whorls on my fingertips
which were blind

before they sipped
the math of her

the inescapable vessel
of her topology

closed and boundary-free
the one and only surface

the zero
at the stop of feel.


Poem, Valentine, Be my

Love and Topology

I crease the square
of origami paper
on the diagonal

halve the diamond
to an abstract silhouette of Mt. Fuji
and trim the triangle

scissors cuts paper

down to a breaking wave,
the half profile
of a valentine.

paper covers rock

I fold and fold again
the half hearted paper.
I snip nicks, cut rough chevrons,

slice snowflake geometries
into the folds
leaving the leading edges uncut.

Butterflied confetti
to the floor.

rock breaks scissors

I unfold the murder, press flat
a whole heart,
a heart full of holes,
a heart cut down to crude lace.

Be my valentine?

Note: I wrote Love and Topology for Mrs. Dr. Omed in February 2004. So far as I can remember, it is the only occasional poem I’ve ever completed in time for the occasion. I duly posted it on the previous incarnation of the Tent Show on Valentine’s Day 2004. Since 13 years ago is equivalent to the early Ordovician Period in Internet time, I feel it’s not too soon to post it again.