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Grendel’s Laundry List: Mis-unda-stend each udda

We very often express in a categorical form a judgment of which we do not feel assured, we even lay stress on its absolute validity. We want to see what opposition it will arouse, and this can be achieved only by stating our assumption not as a tentative suggestion, which no one will consider, but as an irrefutable, all-important truth. The greater the value of the assumption has for us, the more carefully do we conceal any suggestion of its improbability.

Lev Shestov, All Things are Possible

Faith isn’t believing something even if you suspect it might be untrue. It’s doing something even if you suspect it might be pointless.

Darryl Cooper

Philosophers can often be classified in terms of their favorite parts of speech: there are those who believe that nouns designate the only reliable aspects of being; others, of a contrary view, who see those nouns as simply unkempt nests of qualities; and all are familiar with the Heraclitean people who embrace verbs as if you could make love to water while entirely on land. I have personally always preferred prepositions, particularly of, and especially, among its many meanings, those of possession and being possessed, of belonging and exclusion.

 William Gass Life Sentences

The state of reflection is a state against nature, and the man who meditates a depraved animal.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Lenguage is that we may mis-unda-stend each udda.

Krazy Kat


Grendel’s Laundry List is an irregular but continuing series of readings in texts helpful to an understanding of the Atheology and Theodicy of the Seventh Day Atheist Aztec Baptist Church.

When I wake up, I am Ignatz


In these latter days, on mornings when I wake twitchy with mania, lunatic lucidity crackling from my fingers like static electricity, I reach for my iPhone or Chromebook. BTI*, I used to write poetry. The panel above, from George Harriman‘s Krazy Kat expresses exactly how I think and feel as my fingers touch screen or keyboard:

Every day my mind grows keener–my good arm stronger … my silly enemies more futile …

I am Ignatz the Rat. I sling virtual bricksbats in this singular delusive rapture that is the Internet.

I also think you love me, my dearest enemies.

*Before the Internet