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Yesterday was International Rock Flipping Day

I forgot.

beetles slugs rock

beetles rock 2

I forgot to mark my calendar, I’m a day late–and I broke the rules, too.

The first and prime rule of International Rock Flipping Day, set in stone, so to speak, by founder Dave Bonta, is the participants flip their rocks on September 20th, the official date thereof.  But I’m cheating.

I flipped my rock back on May 17th, while rearranging a flower bed. The reason I’m flouting the rule and posting these pictures taken last spring  is the beetles. I’m hoping someone can identify the species.

I’ve never seen beetles like these before, yet there they were minding their own business under an oblong chunk of striped native limestone next to my driveway, until I flipped.  I broke another rule–I didn’t replace the rock as I found it, either. I shifted it to a position dictated by Mrs. Dr. Omed. Mea culpa, Dave.