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A Poem for Memorial Day: Flower War


flower war collage mr blick twk

Collage by Mr. Blick

Flower War

Tlachinol xochitli
zan iyyo tonequimilol

Flowers of fire;
only they can be our garments:
Flowers of war.

Put down your weapons, soldiers.
The flowery god,
the plumed serpent

is gathering spring blossoms
in green meadows
and mountain gorges.

He is gathering fresh fire,
the little flowers
that bloom from spent shell casings.

Put down your death spitters,
ugly and depleted.
The god will give you weapons more beautiful

and honorable—Lances,
tipped not with the dark glitter of obsidian,
but with bright plumes.

Tlachinol xochitli
zan iyyo tonequimilol

Flowers of fire;
only they can be our garments:
Flowers of war.

Take off your helmets and armor.
The god will cloth you in fire,
flowers of fire, the bright rainment of flower war.

In the flower war,
you can be heroes,
you can be the champions.

The gods will be nourished,
the people will celebrate your sacrifice,
the glory in your capture.

you are the teotl ixiptla,
the divine images,
the flower warriors.

In flower war,
there is defeat with honor,
death will not sting, death will drink

for you are rich with octli,
the nectar and pollen
of divinity.

iwo jima flower war mr blick

Collage by Mr. Blick

Steal This Meme: Fuck Yeah, Steal Them All

america fuck yeah arial black twk Coatlicue tonatzin

trump emphasis fuck

republican hold a reptile today

karl marx repress meme text cent gothic

little sister eye text watching

stranglove hope

As Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, puts it, “The stupidest possible creative act is still a creative act.” Words to live by in the latter days of the Internet Age. Steal this meme.

While we’re in the motherhood…

I went to the Mother’s Day service at the Clifton Uuey (Unitarian) Church, a hundred year old congregation in Louisville. Since pastor Todd Eklof went to another Uuey congregation in Washington State, the parishioners at Clifton have done without a paid minister, kinda making it up as they go along, and they’re getting really good at it. I really enjoyed the service. Mark Steiner and musical duo kRi & Hettie did a fine job at the pulpit.

When the congregation was asked to call out words describing their mothers, others called out monotonously positive words like loving, compassionate, caring and so on. Wicked, blackhearted knave that I am, I called out fearsome, then ferocious. For I inherited my black heart and wickedness from my mother, my ferocious mom. These were gifts of surpassing grace, and I am grateful. Thanks, Mom. I lit a candle for you.

mom day candles

We lit candles to all sorts of mothers, birth mothers, allo-mothers, future mothers, mitochondrial Eve mother of us all, and so on. I lit 4 candles in all myself, but while I was driving home it hit me that I had left a mom or mom aspect out, a mom that is very important to me.

My Aztec Mom:

My Aztec Mom

Toci, Teteo Inan, Coatlicue

Above is the original teotl ixiptla, the divine image of this tonantzin, this little mother. She’s been cleaned up since Tenochtitlan fell to Cortes; now she looks like this:

Guadalupe twk

But don’t let her fool you. She is the Lady in the Serpent Skirt. The Left Hand Woman. The Mother of all Blues. The Teeth Mother. I love you, Mom.