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Steal This Meme: Commie Cats

lenin lenin cats meme

Or, turning the bourgeois Internet against cats one photo at a time. Works either way. Fucking Commie cats. Steal this meme. I did.*

*Does that content theft make me an ironically valiant member of the #failson #socialist #resistance blogger battalions or an undead running dog of the vampiric Silicon Valley elites? The answer is yes.*

*I consider myself a neo-Burkean anarcho-communard, in case you were wondering.

Steal This Meme: Faster Than Light, Jack

sonic trouble with ftl

I passed through the Jack Nicholson universe last night. Everyone, including the cats, dogs, and parakeets, was Jack. The language of Jackworld was vocalized as maniacal laughter. Imagine a banquet in a great hall of a bad-horror-movie set castle, all the lord and lady Jacks cataclysmically chatting in the old Bwa-Ha-Ha.

When I didn’t wake up, I was served the chewy miso coffee and a bowl of cereal with flakes like little MRI brain scan slices.

Wendy, I’m home.

Steal This Meme: The Light Inside

light inside broken twk

Steal this meme.


Steal This Meme: Werner Herzog Inspires

laffy taffy werner herzog monkey leave twk ort

I didn’t make this meme. I stole it. You can steal it too.

If you aren’t familiar with my infatuation with Werner Herzog, check out the entire series of Herzog inspirational memes.


Thank You

broken tree text give thanks JhengHai


Steal This Meme: Shadow and Puppet

christ w shadow bunny rcrop twk ort twk

Steal This Meme: Billy This Wall



This is meme is an “LOL” only if you have purchased and assembled a Ikea chair, table, or bookcase, following the minimalist instructions provided. But, according to the BBC World Service, Ikea has sold 60 million of its “Billy” bookcases. I have purchased and assembled a number of Billy bookcases myself, and I find them sturdy and serviceable, and not ugly, which is all I ask of a bookcase. So I LOLed.

The Bloomberg Billy Bookcase Index