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Museum of Joy: Panto Judy


Judy Garland as Pierrot.

Morning Music: Francine Thirteen, Sister Mary and the Air and Capture

 Winter sun,


 of bluebell,


 the hurting grass,




Mood Music for a Cold Night after Snow

wouter van Veldhoven’s YouTube Channel

A Little Help

Joe Cocker 1944-2014

Random Photo: Smile, Tho…

hammerhead full metal smiley 2

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.


The Delian Muse: Her Dark Sounds

All that has dark sound has duende.
Frederico Garcia Lorca

Her Dark Sounds

I am alone in the poem,
surrounded as by four walls
by love.
In this poem, I am a prisoner
of sound, and the memory of sound.

Songs already sung
flowing as dark water
deep underground
bang and whisper and growl,
shake the pipes,
drip from cold stone.

In this poem, I cannot forget the code.
Numbers squared and cubed
strange sequences
beamed in
from “an intelligence greater than our own:”
Such is the language of love.

And so I hear her speak that which I cannot name
to inquisiton,
to the bright and cruel.

But this poem is in the basement,
this poem is all black, forever.
My prayer is wholy silent,
as I keep my ear
to the floor,
for the deep thrum of her heart,

Mi corazon,
la duen’ de la casa.


Put Your Ears On and Listen

I found my way to this YouTube viddy via a listicle, 7 Visionary Women Who Paved The Way For Electronic Music, posted on Facebook by the illimitable Rachel Short. It consists of the audio from a BBC radio documentary, combined with still pictures; it is a profile of the pioneering electronic music composer and creator of the original Doctor Who theme, Delia Derbyshire, who I had never heard of before I clicked the link. The Internet remembers her because of her electronic realization of the Doctor Who leitmotif, and all good nerds love anything to do with the Doctor, but both her music and her personality as presented fascinate me. Derbyshire was evidently a first class crank, and the sounds she created turn this crank’s crank. I hope it gives all y’all a turn, too.

Pardon me, Lorde…

…when the giant clown sings it, I can understand the words.

The counter on YouTube shows almost 5 million views of this viddy of Puddles the Clown singing Lorde’s hit Royals. Lorde’s own viddy of this song currently has more than 181 million views; Puddles is not exactly looming over Lorde by the numbers, but his numbers indicate that I am late to the virus, and many of you pilgrims and seekers have likely already viddied him. But…Lordy, does he loom, and he looms all over the song.

Puddles has his own YouTube channel, PuddlesPityParty–Check it out. I am.