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Steal This Meme: Can’t Find The Cathedral

Steal this meme. I did.

Steal This Meme: Irresponsible Topology

Who ever (ever?) said I was a responsible adult?

Steal This Meme: On the Bottle

Steal this meme. I did. Philosophy is theft.


Steal This Meme: Happy Valentine


Steal This Meme: Stick A Pin in the Blimp

Sinned Light

The angel sinned light.
First and prime spark,
scratch of flame
on the rough nothing
of god’s unspoken

The invariant broken
the angel fell into existence
from chaos into order,
the weight of all matter
on his wings.

Each photon
an infinitesimal death-into-light,
an angel child
unfurling the universe
along the binding curve
of Lucifer’s wings.

Note:This is a revision of an old poem. I always sneered at old poets revising the poetry of their youth, yet I find myself doing it.


Steal This Meme: Less Shit

Steal This Meme: The Choice

buffalo bill it votes for biden


Steal This Meme: Pandemic Smile

faced mask text its pandemic chin 26p

Galgenhumor. What my German twitter pard simsa0 called “the laughter at the end of the rope.” Whether that laughter, as medicine, is the best medicine I leave to you, pilgrims.

As Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, puts it, “The stupidest possible creative act is still a creative act.” Words to live by in the latter days of the Internet Age. Steal this meme. 

Steal This Meme: Essential Worker

easter bunny essential worker

The eBunny is an essential worker according Kentucky governor Andy Beshear and my grandchildren.

Kentucky specific version:

easter bunny andy says essential

Stay safe at home. The Easter Bunny will come to you. Set your basket just outside your front door. The eggs will be there in the morning, shining in the radiant dawn of Eostre.