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Random Photo: Truth in Art

Random Photo: Windows into the Past

The Doctor at play, photos some days.

Talbot Inn, Bardstown, Kentucky

Daily Walk:

Yesterday I walked the Elk Lick Trail in the Bernheim Research Forest. This druid sycamore stood in the middle of the lick, its feet wet, sunk in its stone bed, to my eye one of Tolkien’s Ents paused to take a long drink. Stepping from rock to rock, my foot slipped and the stream’s other waters flowed into my shoe. I felt Heraclitus’ smirk like a tick on my back.

Pilgrim’s progress: 13,810 steps, 5.4 miles. Going to and fro in the earth, and walking up and down in it, on my way to Finisterre.

Sunday Selfie: You got the Pez of me.

Bayreuth, Bavaria


Random Photo: Loops on a Walk


Sunday Selfie / Daily Walk: That’s Why Monday


That’s why Monday, when it sees me coming
with my convict face, blazes up like gasoline,
and it howls on its way like a wounded wheel,
and leaves tracks full of warm blood leading toward the night.

Pablo Neruda

On Sunday’s walk, according to the spy app on my iPhone, I took 10,315 steps and strolled 4.2 miles up and down the alleys and sidewalks between Frankfort Avenue and Quarry Street. From the previous Monday to Sunday my 7-day total was 77,147 steps, 30.1 miles. Ain’t surveillance technology wonderful?

Note: I removed and replaced the selfie/not a selfie I originally posted (me feeling pretty in my Big Smith overalls, taken by Mrs. Dr. Omed) because I realized I had already posted it at the end of January. Oops.

Sunday Selfie: Druid, Hollow

I visit the giant sycamores along Floyds Fork downstream of Pope Lick when I take my daily walk there. They don’t seem to mind, even though according to a site I just googled up, this Druid’s Celtic tree sign is the ash.

Free thinkers are born under the Ash Celtic tree astrology sign. They possess vivid imagination, intuition and their second nature is to be artists. They can see the world crystal clear, but have the tendency to be moody and withdrawn at times. Don’t think that they have some sort of a bipolar disorder. It’s all due to the fact that their inner world is constantly moving and changing. These enchanters from the Ash sign are drawn towards art, writing, spiritual matters, and even science. Good partners for this Celtic tree astrology sign are the Willow and Reed signs.

Random Photo(s): What Sins Remembered?

In this angel’s orisons, what sins are remembered?

Talking to Myself (on the Daily Walk)

I was walking along the shore of a little lake in the Waverly Hills Saturday, and the bauchy ice was talking, softly, in the ethereal twang and boom of thin ice. I thought, is that how the Sirens of winter whisper? How they really sound?

Sunday Selfie: Pilgrim’s Progress

From Sunday to Saturday, January 29 to February 4, I walked just over 25 miles, almost 60,000 steps.