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Museum of Joy: Monstrous Anatomy

japanese monster anatomy

Shigeru Mizuki, from Yōkai Daizukai

The Kuro-kamikiri (“black hair cutter”) is a large, black-haired creature that sneaks up on women in the street at night and surreptitiously cuts off their hair.


Museum of Joy: Chicago Bigamy


Judy Chicago, Bigamy Hood, 1965

Random Photo

asemic metal art mobiles

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

Random Photo: Text and Texture/Asemic Concrete

found asemic luck cont ort twk rot 270 sket.jpg

A photo every other day keeps the Doctor in play.

On Facebook I joined a group called Asemic Writing: The New Post-Literate. Now, the title of this fbpage makes my ass want a pinch of snuff, but, obsessed as I am with alphabets and other forms of writing, the samples posted of “asemic” text and art often but not always tickle this font fetishing voyeur’s eye. 

One definition of asemic is “Inability to comprehend or use communicative symbols, as word or gestures.”  I rather like that, but I think an asemic text can certainly gesture, and also jester. Jest and gesture, alternative to text and texture. The Wikipedia entry begins, “Asemic writing is a wordless open semantic form of writing. The word asemic means ‘having no specific semantic content,’ or ‘without the smallest unit of meaning.’ With the non-specificity of asemic writing there comes a vacuum of meaning, which is left for the reader to fill in and interpret.”, but I like to think of asemic texts as the Gospel of Fred (universal psychopomp of the collective unconscious) sprayed on unsuspecting surfaces with a finger of phlogistonic fire.

So there.

A flourish of my Cyranoiac panache (tip of the hat) to Nathan Horowitz, who lead me to it.

Steal This Meme: The Internet, signed R. Mutt

Fountain 1917, replica 1964 by Marcel Duchamp 1887-1968


As Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, puts it, “The stupidest possible creative act is still a creative act.” Words to live by in the latter days of the Internet Age. Steal this meme.

Scissor Dance: What fresh Hell, at the Peace Hotel

sd peace hotel iph 1

I originally posted this scissor dance, Peace Hotel*, back in December 2014. But, given the current and ongoing Trumpery, it seems fresh again.

*Peace, as in the INGSOC slogan, WAR IS PEACE. Got it?

The Museum of Joy: Monster of Guadalupe?


By Todd Fife. Seen at the Tim Faulkner Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky.