I like to queer the pitch, to do my bit to increase the viral memetic load in the precious bodily fluids of the World Wide Wheeee. So I write my own code. The world is my petrie dish, and I want add my mite to accelerate the processes of Lamarckian cultural evolution until somebody cries UNCLE. I do this for sheer joy, not out of bitterness. I am a Pentecostal Atheist putting on a tent show revival, speaking in tongues and witnessing to the Word of not god but the Mammon of my counterfeits of meaning. Are you washed in the Blood of the Metaphor, oh my darling? Just put yourself in the hands of the Right Reverend Omed and let us go down to the Heraclitian River placed in this poem for your convenience and honey take those old things off ‘cause I’m gonna play Doctor all over you like Jelly Roll played the whorehouse piano and you are gonna be something new under the sun when I get thru trust me I am not a doctor.

7 responses to “About

  1. Sir:

    It is said that a man who is born to be hanged cannot drown. If that be so, I know my destiny, for on three occasions I should have drowned, & yet here I sit.

    Why, you may ask, do I tell you this? Suffice to say that I ran onto your blog without really meaning to, and was struck by what I can only call the conscious despair of the content on the front page. It may be that Civilization As We Know It is soon to die, or this may be our Cannae, a seeming end but in truth a beginning — I do not know. But if I am to end my days in a noose, by God I shall kick on the way down!

    Hence the Luna Project (or, at least, that is one of its wellsprings). I think it is not yet too late for Man to break out of the prison in which he has suffered himself to be bound, although it is growing very late ; but if the Dark is coming back, shall we not pile up all our burnables and make of them one last great flare?

  2. good to see you, doc. you need to stick around.

  3. I enjoyed your variation on the huber-conventional About Us page.

  4. I found a blog post from 8/2006 where you mentioned the “hog’s foot” story. It is the only place where any search engine can find this mentioned. I grew up hearing twis story but now none of my siblings or I can rememeber how it goes. Do you know the basic gist of the story and if so, Would you be willing to contact me at jecary(at)bellsouth(dot)net?

    Thanks, Jerry
    “My Uncle Jim is the storyteller and joke keeper in our family. He’s the one who takes the kids aside at a family gathering and tells them the latest “dirty” jokes the other adults won’t, and also tells the family heirloom ghost story, “HOG’S FOOT,” a simple story that no matter how many times I’ve heard Jim tell it, is still scary, and deliciously terrifying to any kid age twelve or under (It’s all in the sound effects). I think his grandfather, born 1865, told it to him.”

  5. I’ve seen an image in your January 2015 archive labelled winter landscape. I was wondering if you owned the rights to this image as I would love to use it within an art piece i am working on. Please let me know as to the availability of the image and whether or not you would be willing to allow me to use it. We can discuss this more if you would like?

    Thanks for your time. R

  6. Ross, I took the picture and I own the rights to the image, inasmuch as rights have any meaning online. The image is available, let’s discuss. Tell me more.

    • Well this would potentially be for use in the background of an image showcasing a new off road electric car. We have managed to find other pictures too but this one has peaked our interest. If you would allow us to use it we would not necessarily actually need it, but it would be good to have within our collection.

      Please let me know how you feel about this.

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