Sunday Selfie: Druid, Hollow

I visit the giant sycamores along Floyds Fork downstream of Pope Lick when I take my daily walk there. They don’t seem to mind, even though according to a site I just googled up, this Druid’s Celtic tree sign is the ash.

Free thinkers are born under the Ash Celtic tree astrology sign. They possess vivid imagination, intuition and their second nature is to be artists. They can see the world crystal clear, but have the tendency to be moody and withdrawn at times. Don’t think that they have some sort of a bipolar disorder. It’s all due to the fact that their inner world is constantly moving and changing. These enchanters from the Ash sign are drawn towards art, writing, spiritual matters, and even science. Good partners for this Celtic tree astrology sign are the Willow and Reed signs.

One response to “Sunday Selfie: Druid, Hollow

  1. Avaunt thee, there, dude Ash Druid.
    they got that right.

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