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Random Photo: Inference of Interference


A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

(Extreme close up of patterns of light cast at an acute angle through an opaque stippled plastic windowpane in my front door, six houses ago, at night. Tweaked and rotated.)

Steal This Meme: The Internet, signed R. Mutt

Fountain 1917, replica 1964 by Marcel Duchamp 1887-1968


As Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, puts it, “The stupidest possible creative act is still a creative act.” Words to live by in the latter days of the Internet Age. Steal this meme.

The Facts, Ma’am, Just The Facts…

…are a kind of poetry. Also stone knives.

stone knife crop wc 35 rot crop

I read the text posted below to Mrs. Dr. Omed and she declared it a kind of poem, and perfect. Who am I to disagree?

It consists of an agglomerated string of dollops, collops, and loplops of prose scooped into the bento boxes of “Comments” to an unoffending and innocent Facebook friend’s post asking her fellow FFs to list reliable news sources. She used the word fact. Several times. A trigger word for me. Oh, the epistemology! I was off:

What is fact?

The root meaning of “fact” comes from the Latin: factum, a making, from facere to make or to do. A fact is not a given, something received, found or uncovered, it is what someone makes of what is given or received. A made thing, an artifact, or the making of it.

Question all facts, ask who makes them, and why, who passes them on, and why. This is especially important when the fact is asserted by friends, allies and trusted sources. No thing made by humans, tangible or intangible, is innocent of art and intent.

And if you aren’t making your own facts, you are accepting something secondhand. Readymade*. If you make your own, you will have an appreciation of the difficulties, skills needed, exploitation of materials, respect of materials, the mistakes and deceptions and manipulations involved even in the making a useful, solid, well made fact.

Also think on how facts are repaired, reused, repurposed, discarded, stripped of context and original meaning (use) like artifacts looted from a tomb.

We make facts to create, protect, and enhance meaning, not just for ready use. A leaf-bladed stone knife is made to be beautiful as well as useful, and spear throwers are carved with animal heads to speed the meaning to the target. A stone knife is a fact in the hand, ready to cut or stab.

And of course, in a market economy, particularly a digital market economy, facts are commodities, consumer products. But, as digital social media consumers, we can’t really speak of them being sold to us any more than we can speak of a can of tuna being sold mayonnaise or salad dressing or a jar of pickle relish.

Come, let us make beautiful tuna salad together, and together we shall be comforted by the warm fact of whole wheat bread under and above us.

Amen. The text is unedited, except a question mark replaced by period, a paragraph cleaved in twain.

*The entire Internet should be signed R. Mutt.