Scissor Dance: Ask Not


Ask not for whom the scissors dance, they dance for thee.

(The last bearded sea turtle traverses the Sea of Scissors.)

>Scissor DanceCollage cut and pasted the old fashioned way, with scissors, glue, and a stack of old magazines.

4 responses to “Scissor Dance: Ask Not

  1. Wonderful – I love this. How did you find all the scissor images? I was clipping bits and saving them in envelopes for collages for several years, inspired by your scissor dreams, hoping for a permanent enough home to set up shop. They were lost in all the moves. Now I begin again, only hoping to embed the images in the fog of encaustic – if I can overcome my ADHD long enough to see it through.

    • My daughter Ariel gave me a box full of what turned out to be photography magazines the day she flew to Africa, and I hauled them out of the car yesterday. Doing art with my granddaughter is putting me in the mood. I also have about 500 pounds of old magazines in the basement.

  2. Ah, Omed Scissorhands at it again.

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