Yo Momma Steals Stupid Memes

dark humor sign of dementia

Paul Hinrichs, an old Salonista, posted the above image to Facebook. My first comment in the comment box was “If that is so, I would have been in the dementia ward on floor 13 at about age 25.” Later in the string, in response to another old Salonista, Mark Hoback’s “yo mama…” I started improvising “dark humor” yo mommas, but it occurs to me that they are not not yo mommas; they are my mommas. Thus,

My momma’s humor is so black, all the black holes forgot to laugh.

My momma’s humor so black all the black swans committed suicide.

My momma’s humor so dark, all the black comedians starting doing whiteface.

My momma’s humor so dark, St. Peter admitted George Carlin at the Pearly Gates because he felt sorry for him.

My momma’s humor so black, the black helicopters stayed in their hangers in Area 54.

My momma’s humor is so dark, Dick Cheney laughs at her jokes.

If you don’t think my momma is funny, she will eat your children.


2 responses to “Yo Momma Steals Stupid Memes

  1. wait a minute here,
    the Good Dr. has a sense of humor ??

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