Roadside Attraction: Pope Lick Trestle

pope lick trestle train

The following album or photolog is a sort of nonrandom addendum to the last two Random Photos, both of which, along with these, taken on the Ides of March during a walkabout and fossil fossicking expedition in and about Pope Lick Creek, at and near Taylorsville Rd. and the Norfolk Southern Railroad trestle. The Random Photo series is not completely random, after all I pick them, and my preferences, interests, the concerns of the particular day affect my choice. My usual method of choosing is to open my photo files in Picassa and browse–forage really–through the files, in a random of walk, walking on my thumbs, the mousepad a kind of omni-directional treadmill, a virtual hunter-gatherer guided by almost whim. Other times, I have a particular image or theme in mind. I also dislike to repeat myself in adjacent posts, a nonrandom selection constant.

pope lick trestle taboo tcrop crop“TABOO”

“TABOO” and “AlPHA” (the last Random Photo) were scratched into the crude coating one of the upright undergirders of the trestle. I did not know when I strolled into the Trespass Park under the Norfolk Southern bridge about the myth of the Pope Lick Monster, half man, half goat, but I reckon both were inscribed by legend-trippers.

pope lick trestle across creek

pope lick trestles straight up

pope lick trestle trespass

The geometry of the trestle is compelling when viewed from below. The span is almost 800 feet long, and about 90 to 100 feet tall in the middle; a death trap for paranormal tourists caught on the tracks with a train bearing down on them. I did not climb up there, thank you very much.

pope lick trestle wavy iron

As Neil Young put it on an old album, “Rust Never Sleeps.”

rust never sleeps pope lick rr trestle ortish



One response to “Roadside Attraction: Pope Lick Trestle

  1. The whole structure is seriously past its sell-by date. The Good Doc can
    add forensic photog to his list of polymathery.

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