Random Photo: All Its Glory

roadside mem fake sunflowers

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

All flesh is grass, and all its glory is as the flower of grass; the grass withers, and the flower falls.

1 Peter 24

The artificial sunflowers d(igitally)-picted above are part of this roadside memorial:

popes lick taylorsville rd rside mem

The memorial is located several hundred yards west of Pope Lick Creek on Taylorsville Road, east of Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Across the road is the Pope Lick railroad trestle, alleged home of the entirely legendary Pope Lick Monster, which nevertheless has claimed several credulous thrill-seeking victims.

pope lick trestle from below 1

roadside mem bens way“BEN’S WAY OR NO WAY”

roadside mem taylorsville pope lick laminated prayer

Metal, fiberglass, and plastic weather, and the glory of it withers, but the laminated Kitsch of the Lord endures, for a while.

roadside mem taylorsville pope lick 1.JPG


2 responses to “Random Photo: All Its Glory

  1. “I lam what I lam,” sayeth the Lawd.

  2. Eyam what eyam, sayeth Popeye. And Olive doth trill.

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