Thought Balloon: Let’s Don’t Save It

thought balloon small asterisk

*I really wish people would stop saying “save the planet.” As if the planet needed redemption and not our species. The planet doesn’t need to be saved.

We say “save the planet” when we mean we want to keep the planet as it was while refusing to stop doing the things that have already caused massive irrevocable changes that cannot be reversed, at least not on a human time scale.

We want to save the planet as long as we don’t have to give anything up. Earth, and life on Earth, and even our species is not under threat of destruction; just our current unsustainable civilization.

Let’s not save the planet. The planet doesn’t need it. Let’s save something, something worth saving, from the wreckage of the 300 year non-renewable fossil fueled orgy called modern civilization. Maybe clean up a bit before we leave. For the children’s children’s children.

Cf.Can the Plant Be Saved, The Atlantic, December 28, 2016

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