Random Photo: Green Fuse, Green Age

wildflowers rain trespass park

You bow your white heads
to the rain, push, burn
the green fuse*, and
the birds sing wildly at night
and I push
like ice
through a green age.

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

Bonus rain:

trespass park sticks puddle

*Tiny homage to, or theft from Dylan Thomas. I always assume in writing my squibs pilgrims and seekers will have read poets like Thomas, but I also know perfectly well that many poets young and old have not.

2 responses to “Random Photo: Green Fuse, Green Age

  1. “She, too, pursues her ends,
    Brutal as the stars of this month,
    Her pale head heavy as metal.”

    TH – where ‘this month’ is January, in a colder climate.

    Thanks for this, Dr O. I’m old enough to have recognised the DT from the post heading, even before I’d read what you wrote.

    I rarely comment, but enjoy your posts.

  2. Terrific through the looking glass pond, the natural narcissism of the earth transmogrified, denied, a barter amongst so many of the kingdoms of beholding. As for the great green fuse fest,
    trifids is as trifids does.

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