Found Poem: Woman True


Woman True is one of the 27 found poems I wrote during National Poetry Month (aka April), 2015, and posted to the PoMoSco site for Poetry Scout “badges.” It was derived by word subtraction by dice roll from John Donne’s Song: Go, and catch a falling star, and today happens to be Donne’s 444th birthday. Here’s the original poem in 17th century spelling:

goe and catche donne text

A tip of my papal* biretta goes to Dave Bonta, proprietor of Via Nevatiga, who clued me in by posting this viddy on Facebook in honor of Donne’s birthday:


Note: In case anyone was wondering, I’ve posted both poems as .jpgs because the new WordPress interface is a piece of crap, worse than the old one, which was also a piece of crap, but one for which I had work-arounds. Getting the text editor to behave when posting poetry is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth.

*I am Pope of the Seventh Day Atheist Aztec Baptist Synod. Ask the Dancing Elders.

4 responses to “Found Poem: Woman True

  1. and yes, electronic publishing of poems is a bear – I wonder how it will affect form in the end?

  2. Blog interfaces are designed for prose, and on WordPress you can’t turn any of the bullshit off. I don’t know if it effects my form. The form on the “page.” But sometimes I have to scribble it all out on paper because inputting text on the parasite in not getting me to the end of the poem.

  3. ah, the latest tyranny of the orthostatically impaired.
    revenge of the Millenials upon the Boomers ??

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