Random Photo: Barbed Tree

i64 quarry barb wire tree crop twk sket twk

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

I took my morning stroll in another urban waste space along the base of the wall of an abandoned quarry between I-64 and the appropriately named Quarry St. on Louisville’s Crescent Hill. I had a little thrill when I got yelled at for trespassing on a homeless man’s camp. I think his thrill was bigger. I must have frightened the crap out of the poor man. I don’t think he gets many visitors tramping through the trees and brush. I simply backtracked at the same slow stroll as he screamed obscenities from his tent.

i64 quarry vagrant camp

As you can see from all the trash, the camp has been occupied for some time.

i64 quarry chairs

i64 quarry bucket fence

i64 quarry zen tire garden

People have been throwing tires over the edge of the quarry for a long time.

i64 quarry whitewall tire

White sidewall. That’s an old tire.

i64 quarry tire pool

i64 quarry cliff face

i64 quarry pretty dead heads

i64 quarry no outlet

Photo essays happen.


4 responses to “Random Photo: Barbed Tree

  1. boy this is terrific – I don’t get out much but I used to explore such places in L.A. etc – great photos – thank you

  2. I especially live the bottles

  3. I would have a bottle tree in the front yard if Mrs. Dr. Omed would allow it. Maybe I should do one in the backyard. I’ve been feeling the need for walks lately, and my favorite places to walk are the waste spaces, the places that have no purpose, neither as parks or funglible real estate. And, of course, I like to trespass.

  4. ah, the America of Industrial Trash.
    Kinda like the Internet of Things.

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