Random Photo: 52900 LBS. MAX GROSS

rail graf max gross face ort rcrop

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

I dote upon graffiti art in general, and railcar graffiti in particular. I’m lucky enough to live a few blocks from a fairly busy railroad line, and if I ride my bicycle along the avenue that parallels the tracks, or walk along them, a train will usually come rattle-clank by. Alas, the crews are not allowed to sound the horn in this residential neighborhood, so that instrument is subtracted from the music. I miss the horns particularly at night.

The trains are often travelling pretty fast, so it is basically dumb luck that I get a usable image of a graf I like enough to tweak. I hold up the iPhone and hold down the shutter button as the train goes by, and end up, typically, with a 150+ images. I upload to the laptop, and glean.

Bonus image:

rail graf max gross per unit faces


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