Thought Balloon: The Artifice of Soul

thought balloon small asterisk

*When people speak of Artificial Intelligence, what they really mean is Artificial Self, the artifice of soul. Intelligence is not self. Self is not intelligence.

I would go so far as to say that self is not intelligent, and does not require intelligence. We as humans have difficulty separating intelligence from self. Our machine automatons do not require self, we simply want to impose it on them. Just as we wish to claim the simulacrum of self for our “selves.”




2 responses to “Thought Balloon: The Artifice of Soul

  1. Oh, a sane perspective. Our friend Spike Lanterna is as much in awe of AI as he is of the Jesuits. As I told Doug Hofstadter, a thing can’t be more intricate than its designer. And so forth.


  2. Hey, you and I had to suffer the indignities of our Selves,
    why the hell should the machina not have to work their
    way thru the same shit ? Ya wanna let ’em off scot free ?
    Build a wall, I say, a big wall in a big way, keep thosem ach,
    ‘sheenistas of the South, in their own Self-hole, eh ?
    The Donald
    and yes, I’m runnin

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