Found Poem: Seven Oils

seven oils egyptSacred Oil Palette

Seven Oils

Remember you are manifest in form
often with a mantra.
Tap the thymus. Breathe deeply.

Through angelic realms
into the next body

and contain frequencies,
frequencies of the star code,
frequencies of the devic kingdom.

Seed your ascension
with a translation of the emerald,
A thousand petals

on parchment.
Works with Thoth.
Works with the devas

of the spheres
sold separately.

Note: I’m posting, one by one, the 27 found poems I wrote during National Poetry Month (aka April), 2015, and posted to the PoMoSco site for Poetry Scout “badges.” Camp PoMoSco is now offline.

Seven Oils earned the PoMoSco As Advertised badge. As instructed, I went to the nearest bulletin board, at my local branch library. On the board, one flyer, THE SACRED SEVEN OILS, caught my eye. It was so rich a source that I used it exclusively to build the poem. The Seven Oils flyer is on the bottom on the left in the picture:

library bulletin board seven oils


One response to “Found Poem: Seven Oils

  1. yes, four times the packet of seven fertility control pills,
    with an encouraging daily glyph from your Moonificent goddess;
    thank you Isis Astarte. Even for those that are just
    place keepers, placebo’s to keep the sequence.

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