Found Poem: Both Locks and Keys

locks and keys twk crop

Both Locks and Keys

In what intimate room
do the horns of other days
still reach us, and leave indelible marks,

marks we prefer to deepen?
And what is underlining
but engraving while we write?

To go more deeply
still into legend,
should we not wait,

before using them, for them to be,
as they say in France,

How can one enter,
one who is the mountain,
one who is tall stone altered by sky?

Who will come knocking
At the door of the house
of all houses in which we found shelter,

the concrete isolate
secure as an absolute casket,
of all houses we have dreamed we lived in?

Does there exist
a single dreamer of words
who doesn’t like both locks and keys?

Note: I’m posting, one by one, the 27 found poems I wrote during National Poetry Month (aka April), 2015, and posted to the PoMoSco site for Poetry Scout “badges.”Camp PoMoSco is now offline.

Both Locks and Keys earned the PMS Interrogator  badge. Earning the badge required constructing a poem out of questions found in a chosen text. As my source text I used Gaston Bachelard’s The Poetics of Space, Beacon Press, 1969.



One response to “Found Poem: Both Locks and Keys

  1. iron locks do not a chastity belt make
    the spirit is willing
    the flesh is flexible

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