When I wake up, I am Ignatz


In these latter days, on mornings when I wake twitchy with mania, lunatic lucidity crackling from my fingers like static electricity, I reach for my iPhone or Chromebook. BTI*, I used to write poetry. The panel above, from George Harriman‘s Krazy Kat expresses exactly how I think and feel as my fingers touch screen or keyboard:

Every day my mind grows keener–my good arm stronger … my silly enemies more futile …

I am Ignatz the Rat. I sling virtual bricksbats in this singular delusive rapture that is the Internet.

I also think you love me, my dearest enemies.

*Before the Internet


One response to “When I wake up, I am Ignatz

  1. I guess that Harriman was satirizing the numerous “power of positive thinking” gurus of his day. The generation born c. 1920 to 1940 were
    hooked on that magical thinking b.s. as surely as the post-Millenials luv them sum Twitter tweak. What ought to give pause to everyone today who buys into the positivist fantasies, as this phenomena comes round again,
    in the same sort of cyclic reappearance that defines hyperventilating
    Evangelism in the USA, is that the children raised by those prolific post-War
    breeders and believers in positive thinking are persons who flat out refused to breed, with a total replacement rate of less than the 2.1 or so per-couple fertility rate that is required to merely replace themselves, post 1963.
    How do ya like dem apples, Moms and Pops prolifici ??

    [[ I am not implying that anyone or any person ought be required or pressured to breed, merely noting that the “power of positive” parentage appeared to produce exceptionally bleak attitudes in the children subjected to it. ]]

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