Thought Balloon: Liquidity Happens

thought balloon small asterisk

*The commodification of opinion and identity is greasing the skids of decline. Social (parasocial) media liquifies the souls of its users so we may flow like money in the electric veins of vampiric elites, and rise like ash through the vertically integrated smokestacks of the new dotconomy. But it’s all downhill after that.

The new dotconomy. Same as the old dotconomy. The market; does it make you feel free? Or just cheap?

The god-kings of Silicon Valley sluice the liquid money through the algorithmic catchment basins of their virtual hydraulic empires. The chariots of the gods ride to war on the clash of cash flows and retreat on the ebb tide. Liquidity happens.

We are the liquid. We are the war.

Note: All metaphors mixed in this establishment are served with virtual paper umbrellas.


One response to “Thought Balloon: Liquidity Happens

  1. yeah, get off my lawn, kids

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