Random Photo: Mother Hand, Having Writ

pbutt haul away 2 luck

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

I’ve been told this particular graffito, multiples of which adorn various surfaces in the urban landscape of Louisville, is called the “pig butt.” I never saw it as a pig’s rear end, and I still don’t; never made that connection. To me it reverberates visually with the many abstract vulvas scribed on cave walls in prehistory by our Cro-Magnon ancestors.



I don’t have any information about the graffiti writer or writers who created this not-a-pig-butt with a spiral not-a-pig-tail but what I recognize as the ancient sigil of the mother goddess. I don’t need to know the intent or the meaning of it. The chthonic writ of the eternal feminine has been blazoned in spray paint all over this town.* Swine, my ass.

*Many have been painted over, and I haven’t seen any new ones recently. The writer(s) may not be active.


One response to “Random Photo: Mother Hand, Having Writ

  1. Just think of it as a toot of the vulvavuzeula to the Venus of Willendorf.

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