Thought Balloon: We’re So Skeptical

thought balloon small asterisk

*Have you ever noticed that the people who are the most strident “skeptics”–hostile, suspicious of any “official version”–are the very same people who can be sold the Brooklyn Bridge and a case of snake oil every time, over and over and over again–that is, as long as said snake oil lubes up and said Brooklyn Bridge vibrates sympathetically with whatever emotionaI cognition they’re experiencing? I need a word, or two, for that kind of skeptic and that kind of skepticism. 

Beside the two words “conspiracy theorist.” Beside the one word “human.” A neologism. Paging the hivemind.


12 responses to “Thought Balloon: We’re So Skeptical

  1. Downloading the Neo Logos again ?
    ok by me

  2. type of person: word already extant: “non-cogs”
    i.e. Incogitanum Murikani

    how about : civiphobophiliacs — those who love to fear the gummint ??

  3. I like Incogitanum murikani, but it’s too long and too narrow. I. murikani is just a sub-species. Subskepts? As in the the usual Subskepts.

  4. Dogmats. Kinda like this one.

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