Random Photo: A Woodchuck Would Chuck

mcquixote smokestacks 1

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

Different angle:

mcquixote smokestacks 3 lighter

Bonus woodchucks:

urban woodchucks

I went on a lovely bike ride the other day, through the varied urban landscapes of central Louisville. The building imaged above stands next to a rail spur, and the woodchucks live in a big crevice in the decaying concrete loading dock of the abandoned(?) edifice. I spotted the woodchucks as I crossed the railroad track; they scampered back to their shelter as soon as they saw me coming toward them. But they poked their heads up through the cracks to keep an eye on me–The one on the right looks like part of the concrete.

The chimney stacks are visible from Hwy. 65, and they always catch my eye whenever I drive past.


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