The NRA Ideal: Bullets From Heaven

bullets from heaven

In the wake of the Charleston AME Church shooting, some on the right have expressed the sentiment that it was too bad that none of the churchgoers shot by the Neo-Confederate He-Twiggy had been armed, implying that if the prayer group had been packing iron instead of bibles there would have been a more desirable outcome.

I call the idea behind such gunthirsty sentiments the Theory of Firearms Panspermia: Until guns are seeded throughout society and all people have guns to kill the people killing them with guns, no people will be safe. Until killed. Until the Second Amendment is the only thing left standing.

When such nonsense on stilts is tottering about the panoptisphere, how can I help but be inspired:

Bullets From Heaven

Every time it rains it rains
Bullets from heaven
Don’t you know each cloud contains
Bullets from heaven

You’ll find lead raining down
All over town
Be sure that your body armor
Is buckled on

Don’t trade your guns
For liberal sunshine and flowers
If you want to kill the things you hate
You must shoot them down

So when you hear
The booms of thunder
Don’t take cover or flee
When you see the muzzle flash

There’ll be bullets from heaven
For you and me
You must shoot them down
And when you see the bodies crash

There’ll be bullets from heaven
For you and for me


One response to “The NRA Ideal: Bullets From Heaven

  1. ah, a little of the old Benthamic vinegar.
    Thanks, Doc.

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