Thought Balloon: A Dish Served Cold

thought balloon small asterisk


*I hate very few, very little. But I indifferent many, a whole lot. I leave the question open: Is hatred worse than indifference? In my own life, indifference is more powerful than hate, since I don’t care enough to hate. Hate seems like a subdivision of love, just as atheism is a subcategory of monotheism. Agape is not Eros. Compassion is not love. Like revenge, compassion is a dish served cold.



3 responses to “Thought Balloon: A Dish Served Cold

  1. hate’s just fear
    indifference is more like depression defined

  2. sorry, Boss, monotheist originators are political control freaks, who are
    basically committing psy-ops warfare upon their own tribal or other societies.
    These progenitors of the insanity very likely believed in no god nor goddess,
    and so chose to use the popular conceit to their own political advantage.
    This suggests that monotheism is a subcategory of atheism, not the other
    way around, to use your meme. At least as a historical sequence.

  3. Compassion is a dish best served cold?
    That would be my recent experience.

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