Blackening Tender Buttons

gertrude stein no answer headshot 2<steal this meme>

I’m very fond of Gertrude Stein, mostly because, like me, she was a very odd person who didn’t think she was odd at all. I read most of her books in my twenties, in paperback editions I bought at used bookstores. Now much of her work is available online. I really do wonder what she might have to say about this fin de siecle recently past and the new century. I googled up text from her book Tender Buttons, and used the same redaction tool to blacken Gertrude’s poetry in the same way I blackened the Epistle of James for the Poetry Month Scout <Redacted> Badge:

blackening tender buttons 2 fine tassel

blackening tender buttons 1 redact stein(Text from Tender Buttons: Objects)

As I explained here, I joined the Poetry Month Scouts because I covet scout badges, even virtual ones. I’ve completed and posted nine found poems on my PoMoSco profile (badges in parentheses):

A Woman Comes True (Pick & Mix); The Lazarus Cyborg (Blender);

Noises Too Old To End (First in Line); The Letter (Redacted);

Nostradamus Found Quatrains (Open Book); Jericho Vector (On Demand);

My Pink Cruelest (Haiku Anew); The Magic Word (Roll the Dice);

and The Mercy (White Out).

I’m enjoying fiddling with bits of other people’s poems and other texts so much that I’ve done more of these found exercises (as above) than I need to earn the badges. My mind sort of works in collage, with words as well as images.


2 responses to “Blackening Tender Buttons

  1. I’m going to try this with indexes of first lines. Stein is a good choice for creative redaction. (I dreamed once that I looked in the mirror and found her portrait mysteriously tattoo’d on my upper chest …) Like this work.

  2. “siecle recently past” ??? good Doctor, that was like two and a half’
    umpetythumpeties ago awready.

    Give ’em Hell, Gertie.
    Kindest regards,
    Harry S. Spike

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