“This experience is full of cyborgs.”

pomosco lazarus cyborg screen cap

The image above is a cropped screen capture of my Poetry Month Scout found poem posted to the PoMoSco site for the PMS Blender Badge:

blender badge


The instruction for earning the badge are as follows:

…choose either a source text that already exists in digital form, or a printed text that you’re willing to type out. Next, navigate to The Text-Mixing Desk at The Lazarus Corporation (http://www.lazaruscorporation.co.uk/cutup/text-mixing-desk), paste your text, adjust the controls and click “Start the Mix!”

Copy down the result exactly as it comes out of the Text Mixing Desk. Repeat the mixing process with additional sections of text if you want a longer language bank to work with.

Craft your poem from the results using words IN THE ORDER they appear in the original. You may delete words but not reorder them.

I used as my source text Donna Haraway‘s Cyborg Manifesto. I thought that only appropriate since the Lazarus Corporation Text Mixing Desk adds another layer of virtual cyborg to the cyborg laminate of my prosthetic pseudopod of self. I cropped the screen cap so that only the first four lines of the poem are visible; if you want to read the rest, pilgrims and seekers, go here.



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