Random Photo: Spring, in Black and White

apricot 2 twk bw

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

Tight crop:

apricot 2 twk bw rcrop sharp2

The buds on the apricot tree in our front yard began to open the night after April Fools. Rain has been falling almost continuously since then, a train of spring thunderstorms passing through, but when the sun broke through the clouds for a bit yesterday, I stepped out and took some shots of the apricot blossoms with my iPhone. The iPhone doesn’t like to focus on foreground objects with a light, distant background, so I didn’t get any usable images of blossoms on twigs with tree branches and sky behind them. I got somewhat better results with the little flowers sprouting out of the rain-darkened trunk, and when I was tweaking the images this morning, they looked better in black and white. So.

Bonus image:

apricot 3 bw twk twk

Note on Random Photo: Since I got my first digital camera I have taken thousands of photos with a succession of devices. The agglomerated images infest various computer drives,  memory sticks, and lurk in various corners of the virtual panopticon, ghosts in the “cloud,” flickers in silicon at anonymous server farms. Why not share an aliquot thereof here at the Tent Show with my fellow epeeps? A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.


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