Random Photo: Morally Straight

boy scout monument dc twk ortBoy Scouts of America monument, National Mall, Washington, D.C.

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

boy scout monument dc crop 2 sltwk

Frozen in bronze, the boy scout marches perpetually onward, flanked by well muscled, naked but for drapery, Art-Deco-ish demigod-ish male and female figures. The woman, a sort of fascist Diana, hoists an ithyphallic flame above her projectile cone breasts. The hunky herculean male has a bulge in his drapery, and holds in his left hand what appears to be a piece of cut wood with the bark on it, a match to the sturdy staff clasped firmly by the boy scout. Latent is not the word to describe the phallic thrust. This statuary is in a state of statuesque Apollonian arousal.

boy scout motto str twkThe Motto


2 responses to “Random Photo: Morally Straight

  1. A favorite, one might guess, of Al Capp and his Sen. Phogbound.

  2. Those bulging eyeballs don’t look morally straight.

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