Random Photo: A Mandala, Darkly

manhole under melt water detai no ortl

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

manhole under melt water crop 1

Snow melt flowing over a manhole cover in an alley. I am instantly fixated. Manhole covers are one of those things. One of those things that stare back at me like St. Paul’s mirror, darkly, a kind of mandala floating from the shadows of my manic mind.  I get all mystical and twitchy around the edges.  A manhole cover with clear water rippling over it really does it for my inner maniac.

I can tell you that I had  a mystical experience staring at a manhole cover while cold water soaked into my shoes, but to speak or write about a mystical experience is a kind of subterfuge, anyway, since words quite literally fail. I took snapshots with the prosthetic device, but photography is another kind of failure, a different kind of lie.

The quality of the mystical experience is not related to the quality of the articulation of the mystical experience, and vice versa. Beware of eloquent mystics. A lunatic with a iPhone, now, that’s someone you can trust.


One response to “Random Photo: A Mandala, Darkly

  1. Beautiful, compared to the rough-thrown Frisbees off the the potter’s wheel, manhole portals hereabouts. Like you, I have endured the fascination of iron and water since toddlerhood. Here the bars of dark semi-sweet afloat for the moment on the maelstrom, their hardihood rescued into the vortices of matrix. As my sister has noted, I am
    “easily amused”.

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