Grendel’s Laundry List: The Current Stack

the stack march 9 2015

What’s in your Stack?

Previous Stack.

I haven’t posted a “stack”* since last April. A list of all the books I’ve checked out of the library since would be long, and, I suspect, tedious to anyone but myself. I don’t read through most of the books I check out, but I do dip into them and read 20, 50, 100 pages or so.  Some get lost in one corner or another of the house until overdue. Some I read through in one sitting, though I am a slower reader than I used to be. Can’t read  a 300 or 400 page book in 3 hours as I could when I was in my early twenties. Takes me most of a day now. I have to put the prosthetic device with the little screen out of my reach, and it takes an hour or so to grow my brain back from a stump.

Bonus Werner Herzog quote (from A Guide for the Perplexed, which my daughter gave me for my birthday):

Read, read, read, read, read. Those who read own the world; those who immerse themselves in the Internet or watch too much television lose it. Our civilization is suffering profound wounds because of the wholesale abandonment of reading by contemporary society.

 *Due to arbitrary whim, the stack is composed only of books checked out from the library, not books I own. Keep your brain free range by browsing the stacks of your local library.

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