Thought Balloon: Economic Logic?

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*No human economy can be other than a political economy.

Human political economy follows the laws of dismoral post hoc rationalizing memes that justify hierarchy and acquisition, not the laws of nature. It is an epiphenomenon of the real, thermodynamic economy, which follows the laws of physics and natural selection. The real economy is constrained by the limits of a finite planet. Our current global political economy believes there are no constraints; it does not believe in limits. The real economy requires no belief; has no values, contains neither salvation or doom. Human political economies are temporary fantasies, but fantasies with consequences, consequences linked to our salvation and our doom by our imaginary values.

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Political economy will have to come to an end, but not as we expect it to–it will have ended by becoming exacerbated to the point of parody. Speculation is no longer surplus-value; it is the ecstasy of value, without reference to production or its real conditions. It is the pure and empty form, the expurgated form of value, which plays now on its own orbital circulation and revolution alone. It is by destabilizing itself monstrously–ironically–that political economy short-circuits every alternative. For what can you do against such a constant upping of the stakes, which, in its own way, takes over the energy of potlatch, of poker, of the challenge to its own logic, and represents the transition to the aesthetic, frenzied phase of the economy.

Jean Baudrillard


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