Ask me: Kshama Sawant

The Stranger Ask Me Whatevs

I love this. The Stranger in Seattle gives the nation’s only Socialist city council member Kshama Sawant a column because “her dour hectoring was so delightful.” I do find it delightful. Of course, this is parody. But I wish it was real.

Ask me: I think Sawant should replace Dear Abby.

I pretty much agree with Sawant’s (or the parody’s) political perspective:

…”the differences” between Republicans and Democrats are obliterated by both parties identical enslavement to war-mongering corporate masters whose power is derived from the blood of enslaved workers…

I doubt such a dose of wedding reeducation camp will get your relatives to sit down, shut up, and behave themselves. They might instead rise up in solidarity against you for pricking the consensus reality bubble. But make Kshama Sawant or parody Kshama Sawant the nation’s agony aunt; I’d read that.


One response to “Ask me: Kshama Sawant

  1. Spike would make a great agony aunt, too. You there, Spike?

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