Progress is a Fallen Angel dragged backward through Time: Scissor Dance Retrospective (4)

Facebook Art Posting Algorithm*, Day Four (Day ThreeDay OneDay Two )

I’ve not quite followed the algorithm instructions, since I’ve not posted 3 images per day for the implied five consecutive days, posting instead when I getaroundtoit, but then one of my favorite things about the Internet is that it is essentially atemporal. Yesterday, a month of Sundays ago, is as fresh as today, seconds ago. Conversation threads stretch out, the sense of interval is erased, events take place in a kind of virtual simultaneity, people troll each other, post memes and articles years old without knowing or noticing dates or recycled material. The Internet never forgets but it gifts the collective of its users with amnesia; we individual workers of the hive mind have no more memory than a termite in its mound. So forget this paragraph and on with the Scissor Dances, which are themselves years old yet new to you:



2–“Philosophical Transactions”

philosophical transactions

3–“The Muse’s Umbrella”

muse umbrella

*Post three sample images of one’s own art per day for five days, as a retrospective of past, not recent, work.

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