Random Photo

antietam cornfield thru treesAntietam Battlefield, Maryland, 2010

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in Play.

The battle took place in September, 1862. In the cornfield beyond the trees, thousands of soldier were cut down, along with the standing corn.

antietam cut corn stalks


2 responses to “Random Photo

  1. I don’t have words. Powerful photographs, Dr O. Thank you.

  2. “barbarous in beauty the stooks arise” J. W. Riley
    As for the copse, the good Dr. has ever the eye for the soporific;
    he walks through Nature as the unwary eyeball stretches into the massaging
    font of a King James Bible. We north Euro ooomans so depend upon
    the chaos scribbling of deciduous trees out of season to pretend things aright where they can never be right, to amalgamate the sempiternal non sequiturs of the collective pain into our nigh personal barbarities of the consciousness. Oh, let us now disremember it for you — dendritically.
    But the trees shrug off the shame of our error; they did not choose
    their codependents and the dementia praecox thereof.

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