Going Godwin on Winter: Ich bin ein kalter Hitler

fresh hitler 3 sep twk

I love winter. Those who visit the Tent Show regularly will have noticed that. Since I really perk up in cold weather, people who hate the cold in the dark of the year, those whose chilblains grow chilblains at the thought of getting out of a warm bed on a bracing, chilly January morning, well, I grump their grumpy. Seeing me out and about in cargo shorts and a turtleneck shirt when they are bundled up like a soldier of the Wehrmacht serving on the eastern front really froids their sang. I am a walking, talking affront to all that’s good, holy, well bundled, and warm.

So when I stubbed my virtual toes on the above .jpg in a recent image search, I LOLed and clicked download. It is an image of a “black” propaganda leaflet* targeting German morale, circa the winter of 1942. The caption translates to English as “I feel so fresh. Spring is coming.” That is exactly how I feel as Groundhog Day approaches. I feel so fresh. Going Godwin on myself, I am that Hitler, cold Hitler, Winter Hitler. Hilter in lederhosen in the snow. Ich bin ein kalter Hitler.

I dedicate this post with extra Gemütlichkeit to Jinn Bugg and all those who suffer the cold in winter.

*A propaganda leaflet is a kind of hard copy proto-meme. So steal it.

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