The Reptiloid Reflex at the SOTU

reptiloid tongue

I did not watch or listen to President Obama give his State of the Union speech. I don’t think what any President says in any State of the Union address matters much. I find the hype mestasizing around the event tiresome. Obama’s rhetoric and oratorical style no longer beguiles. Aside from that, I was writing. However, after I finished my work for the evening, I checked in at Twitter to skim whatever enormities of outrage had been committed in the meantime, and maybe troll a troll just for giggles. According to liberal Twitter, Senator Ernst in her rebuttal entered the uncanny valley and failed the Voight-Kampff test, presenting as a creepy concatenation of the Mitt-bot and the Michelle Bachmann Terminator. She speaks, and  you dream of electric sheep. We Satan-worshipping Muslim Atheists, we’re so mean.

Rightwing Twitter, when it wasn’t watching #AmericanSniper instead of the #SOTU, and #hashtagging it, was gasping at the stupidity of those hanging on every word of the Kenyan Usurper’s speech. When I suggested in a tweet to one @dixiejacket that he was gasping because not enough oxygen was reaching his brain, he e-hyperventilated a spray of expletives and blocked me, which is the Twitter equivalent of the flight part of fight-or-flight response. I don’t know whether the block came before or after I mocked the rubber bull testicles on his hypothetical pickup truck. I hope the poor guy didn’t pass out.

Since I did not auddie or viddy the SOTU I did not hang on every word, but someone conveniently hung this short YouTube clip on a tweet, and these 19 seconds–Obama says, “I have no more campaigns to run…” Congressional Republicans applaud loudly… Obama adlibs a riposte: “I know, because I won both of them…” The House roars–This was a sweet, sweet soundbyte:

However sweet the sound, pilgrims and seekers, play the viddy again with the sound off, and watch John Boehner as Obama lays down the sick burn. Watch Boehner’s tongue flit back and forth. What is that? I posted the viddy on Facebook, and friend Bill Knight commented,

Chemical sensory perception? Prey trailing?

And I thought, “If you posit that Boehner is a Reptiloid, that makes perfect sense.” I call it a working hypothesis.


2 responses to “The Reptiloid Reflex at the SOTU

  1. As for the Bonerman, pre-emptive tardive dyskinesia of the wet brain sort.
    I seem to remember that South Park has addressed this tic in past.
    Mitt and Michelle concatenating: now there is an image to derange one’s dreams. Ol’ Nick come save us all!

    But has it not occurred to you that the Bumma and the Biden inspire such
    hatred for the same reason that opponents hate the Nangland [ portmanteau
    intended, yes ] Patriots: the haters know they are cheating, but the hatred
    arises because they are so good at it as to avoid detection by many.
    What they are really snorting is “why the hell can’t our candidates pull that off?”
    I.e. if WJC could traverse 100 rounds of inquisition prior to being discovered
    as “feeling our pain NOT”, then the Bumma might well require upwards of
    200 to disambiguate him from a passable Streeter bot, er, person.
    I.e. see Chris Hedges in high dudgeon on the subject of
    The Big O and the Dim Party. [ Only thirty or so quaesita to delimn the
    Hedges, though, more’s the pity. ]
    Outstanding links. Thanks.
    They have entered the uncanny valley of the equal opportunity hatist.
    Yo that.
    Now we need to cleanse our palettes by revisiting the Pity Party.
    Are Royals preferable to 21st Century Bots ??

  2. btw, good Dr., it seems mayhap you have become a missionary to the unwashed heathens of the Twitterverse, jack man of them secure in his vox- pop-of-thumb sanctum sanctorum nor scoping out the looming anabasis of guns, germs and steel into his hothouse empire; and you sandaled in infernal tri-Logos, and you robed head to heel ( cap a pie more likely ) in zeal of the scholarly autodidact, hoping against hope to make the Twitterpates mild over time with astringent words. I’ll avoid them if possible, myself, and otherwise seek remedy in the well-borne club and other such atavistic solutions.

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