Random Photo: Forked Stick, Square Hole

falls o forked stick square hole twk

Driftwood, Falls of the Ohio

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.


2 responses to “Random Photo: Forked Stick, Square Hole

  1. Poor stickman just got carried away with
    “Downward facing dog” ??

  2. or the obvious poetries:
    Get with child a mandrake root…………..
    Man crucified on the cross of self………………
    Or from Variety;
    Stix hix nix ? mohels.
    Or from The Wall Street Journal:
    Crucified us with the Taft Hartley, the Bumma,
    don’t ya know. Hey li’l girl,
    want a piece of candy ??

    This manikin is a bit confused of course;
    normally the square nails go in at the wrists.

    As for Style, with the tiny head and no neck,
    its a Russian objection to Soviet Realism.

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