Steal This Meme: Heartworming

heartwarming fruiting meme ort sat


Chrome Legacy Window 1262014 95920 AM

Parasocial media like Twitter gets inside our heads like the ant zombie fungus O. unilateralis drills through the myrmidon exoskeleton.  The parasite infects our online personas, and converts us to zombie trolls.

Infected members of the virtual hive end up like zombie ants affixed by their mandibles to the underside of a leaf with fungus exploding out of their heads: zombie trolls affixed by their manipulated opinions to the underside of online debate, fungal memes exploding from their heads.

parasite swims in us




One response to “Steal This Meme: Heartworming

  1. Looks more like a braineating meme. Which interpretation I guess the good
    Doctor deliberately avoided. Fungi, the true conqueror worm, that tells
    us, “Nothing to see hear, folks; move on; move on; your chemicals are needed, Soyents. I seem to remember that the weight of all ants on the planet is approx. equal to the weight of all humans. Hence, it would seem
    the weight of all ant brains far exceeds the weight of human brains. So if
    not for the fungus amungus, ants would rule. See, I can do Tweet
    quality logic. No sweat.

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