Thought Balloon: No One Expects

thought balloon small asterisk

*Living with bipolar disorder is like being trapped inside a Monty Python skit. Instead of a British twit dressed like a Catholic cardinal bursting onto the set and pronouncing the punchline “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition,” doom enters the room at the end of the mind and announces, “No one expects the Existential Despair!

Except… Living with. I don’t live with bipolar disorder, I am that disorder. I am not the one suffering from the disorder of manic depression, I am disorder. I am the Monty Python skit. I am the doom that knocks.


One response to “Thought Balloon: No One Expects

  1. sorry, Doc, that is a bit of inflated dental work too far.
    At least you didn’t pull out the mf “wounded healer” card.
    I’ll spare you the usual “Octember” quotes in light of your forbearance.
    Hang in there until the freeze.
    your fellow traveler and bipo.

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