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jesus silo back tcrop

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A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

jesus silo left arm

jesus silo stoned look crop twk

The Jesus Silo

The Silo is a very odd, very large (67 feet tall) statue known as the Christ of the Ozarks, erected on Magnetic Mountain in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I call it the Jesus Silo because it reminds me of a grain elevator or silo. It reminds some people of a giant milk carton with arms. I like to imagine, in event of the Rapture, the head and shoulders split down the middle, tilt open, and the Thermonuclear Missile of Salvation emerges from the top wreathed in smoke and fire, streaking to Heaven along the souls of the elect.

I was married to Mrs. Dr. Omed at a scenic turnout on Magnetic Mountain overlooking Eureka Springs by a woman minister who had altars to Buddha and her Guru on the dash of her old Volkswagen Rabbit, in which we rode to the turnout.  When I was a kid my family often drove through the Ozarks on Fall “Leaf Tours” and we usually passed through Eureka Springs on these trips, sometimes staying overnight.  The Jesus Silo impends in my childhood memories of fall vacations, a clunky white plaster souvenir, along with the taste of the first hush puppies I ever ate, at a catfish restaurant down in the valley below.


One response to “Random Photo

  1. gee, and I thought it was called the Post & Lintle Lenin.
    Maybe the erectors ran out of money after the hands were
    modeled. The “ish” factor: in this case, sculpture-ish.

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