Thought Balloon: Mere War Of All

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*In this our virtual panopticon the cyborg hash of ghosts often seems to be fighting Hobbes’ “mere war of all against all.” Everyone has an opinion. In the pulpit of the text box, it’s bully or be bullied. Hot cognition uber alles. But online “discourse” is not so much War-of-All-against-All. It’s more War of All Those Who Can Dish It But Not Take It, against All. And in that war all have equal right unto all whinge.

Ostendo primo conditionem hominum extra societatem civilem (quam conditionem appellare liceat statum naturae) aliam non esse quam bellum omnium contra omnes; atque in eo bello jus esse omnibus in omnia.

I demonstrate in the first place, that the state of men without civil society (which state we may properly call the state of nature) is nothing else but a mere war of all against all; and in that war all men have equal right unto all things.

Thomas Hobbes


One response to “Thought Balloon: Mere War Of All

  1. noel fairbrothers

    just came over to this post from your april 2009 gun show in tulsa piece….sci- fi /deja vu like music swells in the backround of my mind

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