Random Photo: Blacker Poetry

corner flamingo goddess lomo

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

Blacker Poetry

The tiny decay in the apparatus
of language pierces
all sister tongues
with drowsing needles of black rain.

Symphonies of liquid porcelain,
sad blue eternities,
white chrysanthemum dynasties,
sink into the marrow
of our bones.

A blacker poetry sleeps
in the bellies of women.
The feral daughter cleans her soft knife
in fresh milk and smoke.
There is danger of electric shock.
Do not kiss
the prisoner
when wet.


One response to “Random Photo: Blacker Poetry

  1. wow, icon, heraldic shield, chimera, this must have been one complex
    family, with a belief that their destiny lay in the dictates of the objective psyche. Shouting in hyper-bold text, for the near-blind and small of heart. The Doc has his resources.
    Nice to see you back.

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