Alrighty then.

rosetta stone did not sit

I’m 99 percent certain that @bhadchickquetta is a troll account. Who the little glowworm that created this outrageous and racist satire might be is not known to me, but the inner magic lantern eye projects in the shadows of my brain a stereotyped fetid fat white boy sitting in his shorts, fingers and mouth and keyboard stained orange with Cheetos dust, chortling and snortling at his own lackwit wit. I am sure this is a failure of imagination on my part.

Many on Twitter have pointed out to Bronquetta that Rosa Parks sat on dhat bus, and that the Rosetta Stone is parked in the British Musuem, though one epeep corrected “her” ignorance saying that Rosetta Stone is a language software program. Which it is. Also, too.

The Rosetta Stone tweet has been massively retweeted, heaped with as much scoffage as can be fitted into the 40 or so remaining characters of the 140, usually something along the lines of “America is doomed.” It has been incorporated into a listicle on Buzzfeed, currently being herd-clicked on Facebook, which is where I saw it this morning. And here I am, blogging about it. Take that, Cheetos-scented phantom. We’re all so smart, aren’t we?

But, in the flicker of my magic lantern eye, I keep seeing the Rosetta Stone in a seat of that bus. It refuses to move.



Alrighty then.



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